Craving Chocolate? Your Body Needs Magnesium.

Craving chocolate? Your body needs magnesium.

A lack of the mineral magnesium in your body can actually be the reason why you crave chocolate.

The cocoa bean is one of the foods with the highest amount of magnesium in it. Therefore there can be a natural context to why people with magnesium deficiency are craving chocolate.
I give you good information on what the magnesium does for your body, why it is so important, and how you can effectively eat your way out of your chocolate hunger.

If you are often craving chocolate, it can actually be the body’s way of telling you that you are lacking the vital and very important mineral, magnesium in your body.

When your body is lacking of a certain vitamin or mineral, it will send you signals to motivate you to eat certain foods which contain the items your body needs to function properly. And when it comes to magnesium, chocolate comes to the top of the list.

Magnesium has many vital functions for your body. The lack of magnesium can cause insomnia, mood swings and nightly muscle cramps. Especially runners or highly sportsactive people need magnesium to prevent muscle cramps. Magnesium produces serotonin, which is what makes the body feel relaxed. Without it, your body will not get into balance after for example a long run, and your muscles will never relax, which will cause the cramps.

Other than this, magnesium fills out many functions in your body, and is important for your nerves, your growth, energy, digestion and brain. Together with calcium and, I would say that magnesium is THE most important mineral.

Below here is a list of 5 great foods which contain high amounts of Magnesium, that you can eat instead of chocolate and still fill your body with what it needs.

Chocolate hunger fighter foods:

Pumpkin seeds: 535 mg magnesium pr. 100 grams.
Pumpkin seeds is an excellent source of magnesium. It is loaded with all kinds of good minerals, and contains alot of vitamin E, which is a powerfull antioxidant, that helps your cells and body from catching illnesses.

Brazil nuts: 357 mg. per 100 grams
70 grams of Brazil nuts, will cover your daily intake of magnesium. Brazil nuts is also known for its high amount of selenium, which stenthens your imunesystem, and contains of the natural healthy oils that your body needs. They taste excellent in salads or as a midday snack.

Oats: 200 mg. per 100 grams.
Oats also has a lot of fibers in it, so it will keep you full for a long time. Good as breakfast.

Dried white beans: 184 mg. per 100 grams
This is an excellent food, especially for vegetarians. White beans contains just as much protein as meat, and is also high on both fibers and carbs.

Brown rice: 119 mg. per 100 grams
They keep you full for longer than white rice, and stimulates your blood-sugar.
Excellent for chocolate cravers.

Magnesium, Calcium and vitamin D are really good friends. This mean, that they will help eachother to  be optained in the body. So take these three together. either as suplements or in your food. Start off your day with oatmeal (magensium), a big glass of milk (calcium) and an egg (vitamin D).

If you do decide to give yourself chocolate, make sure to eat dark chocolate, as this has 3 times more magnesium as milkchocolate. Dark chocolate is very rich in its taste too, so your body will be satisfied with much less chocolate. Dark chocolate in small a mounts, is actually good for you. A win, win situation for dark chocolate:-)


Written by kalkar

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