Chocolates – The Modern Drug And Its Ancient Roots

It may come as a shocker to find out that one of our most favorite treats is found to be not good for our health, mostly the sugary ones. Chocolate is what I am referring to. With an average of 12 pounds of chocolate a regular person consumes annually in the United States, you can gauge how much danger this unhealthy caffeine fueled treat brings to millions of people.  Let us look back into a little bit of history in order to become enlightened as to what dark chocolate has that will serve people beneficial. Chocolates can date back to around the time of 600 AD when Mayan Indians were the main holders and owners of cocoa plantations around the famous Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. The Mayans were the predecessors of the Aztecs who created a certain chocolate drink that they called ‘xocoatl’ that was later known as ‘chocoatl’ which were derived from the cocoa beans that are produced from cocoa trees. This drink chocolate drink has been added with vanilla and many ancient spices had the consistency of honey.  It was consumed only in liquid form during this time.

The arrival of Europeans paved the way to more advancements and breakthroughs in terms of chocolate development. They were astounded to see chocolate to be served in its purest and rawest form. This was able to change during the early 1800s during the time when a certain Dutchman who goes by the name of Coenrad Jahannes van Houten was able to discover that adding alkali-potash to the beans before they are being roasted tends to have an acid neutralizing effect.

This was coined to be the dutching process and it posed a big problem since the process removed the most essential parts of the dark chocolate known as flavonoids. These substances have an effect that fights free radicals and are considered antioxidants that slow the aging process of our bodies. It is said to be true that the healthiest chocolates are in its most raw form which unalkalized. Chocolate contains little or no caffeine at all which is hard for people to realize since it is one really good food that counters sleepiness.

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