Chocolate-lovers Take the World by Storm

You can be anyone, when you happen to love consuming chocolates. You can eat up to 10 kilos of it per year, like chocolate pages on Facebook, go to an amusement park that has chocolates for a theme, join some chocolate enthusiasts clubs and even opt for a chocolate scented body spray.  Chocolates are really a sweet treat and very irresistible. People don’t just happen to eat and consume chocolates, they are very fond of it and sometimes even bordering on being obsessed with it. For them life without chocolates is worse than death itself. Chocolate has become a really large part of life in general as some dictionaries like Merriam-Webster have accepted the term ‘Chocoholic’. It has become an integral part in the American way of life that it has invaded the culture, including some of the most prominent and important American holidays like Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and yes, Christmas.  Now that we are only days away from these occasions, people are now preparing to shop and search for chocolates to include in their presents.

You might be wondering as to what makes chocolates really likable and delectable, is it the taste or the texture or the versatility it brings to the table? If you can only broaden your imagination, lots of things can be made out of it: there could be cakes, ice cream, coffee, milk, puddings, cookies, cereals and shakes to name a few. It comes in various consistency like being soft or hard, white or darker, a filling for a bun, a topping, a certain syrup for some sweet treat and even a fondue during certain occasions.  Or maybe the after feeling it brings is the reason behind why people are so in love with it? Experts and scientists have concluded a long time ago that there are certain ‘chocolate triggers’ in the brain that can affect  one’s mood.

Considering this ever growing phenomenon, it can be no surprise that chocolate treats are marketed to target almost anyone.  Chocolate is virtually everywhere and yet it feels like it is so rare and fashionable. It is able to trigger lots of emotions and feelings may it be good or otherwise.

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