Chocolate (Kitchen Craft)

Chocolate (Kitchen Craft)

Chocolate (Kitchen Craft)

  • Chocolate making gift set

Once reserved for the elite of society & used in religious ritual, over the last 150 years, chocolate has become a part of everyday life. Often regarded as an indulgence, recent research has even suggested that eating small amounts of certain types of chocolate may help you live longer.

In this introduction to a truly fascinating subject, you’ll discover the extraordinary influence chocolate has had on history, the science behind its popularity & finally, some delicious recipes.

This box contains a 128-page book, 23 chocolate moulds, a pastry brush, a spatula, a mii grater, petit four cases, a piping bag with 4 piping nozzles, & a drizzling nozzle, in short everything to get you started on your way to becoming a fine chocolatier!

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