Chocolate – It’s Good For You!

Oh, chocolate!  Milk Chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate truffles.  Or chocolate donuts, candy, or cereal.  Chocolate drinks and chocolate ice cream.  It’s all so good, and it’s everywhere.  You’d be hard pressed to go through a day and not see something boasting the flavor of chocolate.  It might be in your home, at your office, certainly at the grocery store, and often on TV commercials.  And, yet, even though it’s everywhere, some people avoid chocolate all together.  What are they thinking?

Yep, some people think chocolate is bad for them.  The facts don’t support this thought though.  There is a lot of supporting research to suggest that chocolate is actually quite good for your health.  For one thing it’s loaded with antioxidants.  Sure you might want to watch out for the extra fat and sugar that often comes with this deliciousness.  That can be a concern.  But overall, chocolate can be part of a rather well-balanced, healthful diet.

Just remember, everything in moderation!

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