Chocolate For Women

Can you even believe there are sexist chocolates?! Funny, I know.

Ever since, the media have clamored about gender specific food items available in the market. Dr. Pepper for Men and Chick Beer? Come on. They’re a bit too annoying. But despite the infamous marketing strategies of such companies, some other companies just can’t resist to follow their lead.

Cadbury launched its latest chocolate wafer bar called Crispello. This is actually the first new chocolate product the company released since the 1990′s. It has been quite a stretch of time, right? I guess it is just about time.

And in such lengthy period of time, all they could think of was this particular marketing strategy, targeting the female gender? Yes, we all know it. The xx gender is the more vulnerable one and chocolate junkie women who just cannot get enough of anything sweet are an easy target.

However, there are some women who can actually resist the tempting chocolate just so they can maintain their figure. Not like it’s a surprise. Body over food is their motto. So, Cadbury took this as an opportunity. They zeroed in on the women’s weakest point with a sweet and tasty wafer covered in chocolate awesome goodness which is low in calorie. That way, you won’t have to fret thinking about gaining a few inches around the waist. What more could you ask for?

It’s best, though, to keep any branding from fooling you. Certainly, you won’t get poisoned if you try it on for size and you happen to be a male. For the male species, just take this as a hint, it might be a nice idea to give some as a gift to a girl you are wooing.

What can you say about this chocolate treat? Is it yay or nay?

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