Chocolate covered strawberries?

ME Asked: Chocolate covered strawberries?

I have 6 people coming over (7 including me) and I want to make chocolate covered strawberries. I’m not sure how many chocolate BARS (Hershey’s) I need or how many strawberries, so if you could tell me, I’ll be very grateful. Thanks!


browneyes Answered:
id make like 3 each and chocolate bark works the best for dipping the strawberries because its not as oily as hersheys chocolate!

Someone Answered:
I would suggest making about 24-30 chocolate covered strawberries. I have never made them with Hershey chocolate bars so I don’t know how many to use. I have made them with Hershey milk chocolate chips and one bag was enough. I also find that chips are easier to melt the chunks of chocolate.

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