Chocolate Covered Pretzels Making

The best kind of pretzel is the rod type, since it can have its original taste, while still able to blend nicely with chocolate. This treat is so easy to prepare in your kitchen. Every family member will surely love it.

The process of making them is really simple and this crispy delicacy is so easy to whip up! The ingredients involved include pretzel sticks, semisweet dark chocolate, cookie sheet, wax paper and you can even use desiccated coconut. Just have your favorite pretzel ready and melt your favorite chocolate. Take them one at a time and dip them in chocolate half way as you place them on a waxed paper. Dip it ¾ length in the molten chocolate.

Let the pretzels cool down and wait till they harden. Place the wax paper over a cookie sheet. Put the snacks in the oven while still on the paper and let them remain until the coconut browns. Then you have a perfect treat for dessert! You can store them, too. Just make sure you use tightly closed containers.

The results will be good regardless of the type of pretzel you use. You can also opt for different varieties, this is not the limitation. You can even use peanut butter on them.

All it needs is a little creativity. Squeeze out your creative juices. Get them flowing. And you will have an awesome recipe. You can use a lot of different toppings. These may include peppermint candies, crushed nuts and other crushed chocolate candies.

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