chocolate cheesecake? master bakers help!?

shaynakaderr Asked: chocolate cheesecake? master bakers help!?

i made these mini cheesecakes and they were good but i wanna make CHOCOLATE cheesecake! is there anything i can just add to my current recipe to make them chocolate? i don’t want to change the base just the cheesecake filling. i like the graham cracker crust with chocolate:) so here’s the recipe. let me know what you would do to make this CHOCOLATE!

2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese
3/4 cup white sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Kai L Answered:
Simply add cocoa powder until it’s chocolate enough. 😀
buckeyebonbon Answered:
I would add dutch-process cocoa because if you add melted chocolate, it might make the cheesecake too thin, or if you like, you could just make a chocolate-chip cheesecake…just add a bag of chocolate chips to it after you’ve mixed everything up.Happy baking!
Captain Awesome Answered:
So I am a great cook but a terrible baker with the exception of cheesecake. So I don’t generally do chocolate cheesecake, my specialty is white chocolate pumpkin (which is amazing by the way). But the great thing about cheesecake is, it’s more of a custard and less a cake so it’s more forgiving then flour is. My suggestion would be to use a double broiler and met yourself some chocolate and experiment a little. Now there are a few things to keep in mind: 

1.) Make sure you fold the chocolate into the batter so it’s not too heavy.

2.) NEVER add hot chocolate into the mix. You are working with raw eggs. Unless you want them scrambled, wait til it is cool but still liquid.

3.) Less is more. Make a batch with less chocolate, add more to subsequent batches until it is right.

4.) Generally with cheesecake as long as the consistency of the mix is similar to the consistency that you would see if there was NO chocolate in the mix, then it will probably turn out halfway decent.

5.) You MAY want to experiment with making the mix a little more runny than normal, especially since when the chocolate gets cold it may harden.

Just experiment with small batches.

ceece Answered:
Hershey’s makes a baking chocolate that is perfect for chocolate cheesecake . It is located in the baking ingredients aisle.It is already melted chocolate inside a foil packet. There are 6-8 to a box, pre-measured 1 oz each. Simply squeeze one packet into your recipe and mix thoroughly. If it needs more chocolate add another. Bake as your recipe states.= )

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