Chocolate Benefits

Chocolate has many benefits. It is made from cocoa tree which translates that it contains many benefits that can be obtained from other vegetables. These perks are from flavonoids which serve as antioxidants. Antioxidants are able to protect the body from rapid aging caused by free radicals which can do damage tantamount to heart diseases. Chocolates are containing large amount of antioxidants as much as eight times more than that of strawberries.  Flavonoids are also able to maintain a normal blood pressure through the making of nitric oxide and regulate certain important hormones in the body.

According to a Mayan belief, chocolate is medicine. It is considered to be the “drink of the gods”. It is derived from cocoa beans and not high in calories. But recent innovation can cause fat since it contains sugar as well as milk.

Chocolates are good for the heart. A small bar a day can help the heart run well. It can lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol by up to 10%. Aside from protecting our hearts, chocolates also taste good, stimulates endorphin making which gives a feeling of pleasure and serotonin which serves as an anti-depressant. Also it contains theobromine that serves as a stimulant.  This information doesn’t mean that a person should be consuming a pound of it per day. Most studies made utilized no more than 100 grams of dark chocolate a day to be able to obtain the benefits. One bar of dark choco contains 400 calories. But if you are an avid consumer of chocolate, you should cut down the source of other sweets or snacks. Chocolate is a complex food that contains over 300 compounds as well as chemical even with a single bite. To really be able to enjoy this treat, one should take time to bite and taste it in order to assess the smell, feel and taste of each piece.

In recent studies made in Europe, 38% of German women and 34 for French do consume chocolate to make them happy and cheerful. Many doctors suggest eating chocolate to alleviate depression as well as stimulating the pleasure center of our brains.

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