Chocolate Beer Spread

You can now have your beer fix at any time of day. And yes, without the guilt!

Europe has a new creation, a new sandwich spread with the flavors of chocolate and beer combined. This new products is called as “Birra Spalmabile”. The ones behind this suggest buyers to use this on toast or used as a cake filling. Why would anyone want to make their child’s cake taste like beer?

Two Italian companies, brewery Alta Quota and chocolate maker Napoleone, the ones responsible for creating this masterpiece, say that it can also be eaten with cheese or other appetizers.

This innovation was introduced at “the Salone del Gusto food fair in Turin, where chocolate maker Pietro Napoleone described it as ‘like a sweet, beer-scented jelly,” according to

Interested? Know first that there are two kinds, the lighter and the more delicate one, and the stronger one. So yes, you can actually use it on your child’s cake! Just go for the former.

It’s something strikingly different. However, it’s not really newthat someone has tried to make a non-liquid beer in Italy and in Europe. The previous ones were just not successful because the combination of ingredients was not quite right.

Lifestyle website described the spread as “a sweet and beer-perfumed jelly with an intense scent and a full-bodied taste. The beer spread provides a unique accompaniment for hors d’oeuvres and cheeses, or even try spread on toast or as a stuffing or garnish for tarts and cakes.”

People all across Europe are raving about this brand new invention, and the creators are hoping for it to spread to other parts of the globe.

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