Chocolate As Sunblock

Chocolate-scented products may be a commonplace, but pure chocolate as sunblock? Yes, it sounds a bit odd. But no, it’s not applied topically!

Recent studies showed that chocolate consumption does not only satisfy your sweet tooth but it’s said to protect the skin from the harsh rays of the sun.

Contrary to the popular belief that chocolate does nothing but cause acne, it can actually be very beneficial to your skin. It’s like something you totally love while just waiting for the benefits bite after bite! It doesn’t happen right away though.

All of this is because of the antioxidants that chocolate contains which are known as Polyphenals that give skin the kind of care it deserves as it can reduce ongoing cellular damage. Scientists claim that this certain compound does not only improve the skin but it can also give protection against the harmful UV rays. Polyphenals are said to enhance blood flow close to the skin, making all this benefits possible.

Are you crazy about chocolates? Well, let me encourage that problem. Here are some other interesting tidbits that make chocolate standout in the skin care industry. First, because of the cocoa butter, chocolates are known to soften the skin. Also, due to the significant amounts of antioxidants it contains, it is said to prevent wrinkles. It is also a well-known moisturizer and can keep the skin well-hydrated. Recent studies have also found out that chocolates can be used in combating the effects of skin aging.

But even without all these astonishing skin benefits, chocolate has a very special place in our hearts. It’s just downright amazing to learn that looking good can be this heavenly!

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