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Chocolate Making Classes As A Gift For Men

Everyone has a guilty pleasure. Some do indulge in different types of food and some love to eat and indulge in chocolates. Throughout the years, chocolates have been known to be a potent aphrodisiac as well as a good source of what people call the ‘sugar rush’. Some spend money to buy chocolates, while others go to chocolate making classes.

This is proven to be a nice gift for men since it allows and enables them to show their sweeter side. Chocolate making with your special someone is a sure fire way to have a quality time. Attending classes which teach techniques and processes needed to make chocolates will make affection between the two of you even stronger. This kind of gift can be ideal for men if they too have a sweet tooth for something as delightful as chocolates. You can even urge him to be your partner in taking these classes aside from making it as a planned gift for him.

An ordinary day coupled with well-planned activities like making chocolates can prove to be very well informative and fun. A normal class would include a brief discussion of where chocolate originated, how cocoa can be transform into daily treats we eat, and to differentiate as to what type of chocolate is the best for one’s appetite.

As this fun workshop progresses, you will be assigned in a kitchen and do the actual things that are needed to be done for him to make a chocolate gourmet of his preference and liking. These classes are oftentimes taught by trained and professional chocolate makers. Not only will you be making chocolates of your own design and way of preparation, but you will also be allowed to eat your own creation. These will prove to be a fun event for the two of you to enjoy each other’s company while doing something really worthwhile and educational.

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Sugarless Chocolate

Chocolates have been around for centuries and it is not going to be gone. These sweet treats have lots of types, flavors and variations that will sure captivate once sweet guilty pleasures. They are usually sweet but dark chocolates are normally bittersweet.

Chocolates have been derived from the cocoa plant. Candy factories and makes process the raw chocolate to enhance its taste and have added many new ingredients that improve and makes chocolates a whole lot more delicious. In recent years, they have lessened the use of sugar because it led to different problems and complications.  People with diseases like diabetes are unable to process the main component which is sugar. Simple sugar or sucrose can drastically affect a person’s ability to process carbohydrates. Consequentially, people who are in a low carbohydrate diet are also unable to ingest them.

Sugar contains a certain amount of calorie, which are fondly called “empty or negligible calories” by certain nutritionists and these types of calories are not very helpful for the body and these experts suggest that people who are trying to shed off that extra weight are advised to avoid sugar as well. Sugarless chocolates are now available in the market for those chocolate enthusiasts and chocolate lovers that are troubled with sugar problems.

These sugarless chocolates are chocolates having no amount of any sugar that is processed. They utilize sugar alternatives which are either semi-artificial or artificially produced sugar that doesn’t contain any sucrose or simple sugars. There are sugar substitutes in these alternative chocolates like aspartame, stevia, neotame, sucralose and acesulfame potassium. Also other notable sugar substitutes which are acquired from natural means are substances like xylitol and sorbitol.

So start trying these sweet sugarless treats today. You can have lots of it while not being guilty about the negative effects it can give to the body. Indulgence has never been this good.

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Why We Save The Best Chocolate Piece For Last

Ed O’Brien, a researcher in social psychology at the University of Michigan, came up with the paper. He claims that our choices depend on the moment and also personal taste. Also, an essential circumstance here is knowing the end of an experience.

Based on O’Brien’s concept, endings and last chances have a different allure. He said: “I think in everyday life we do have this expectation that we save the best for last.”

“When people are given awareness that something is about to end, they’re kind of motivated to make the most of that experience,” he added.

Does it even have something to do with little stuff like savoring the last piece of chocolate? To verify the idea, O’Brien together with other researchers called for 52 students on the University of Michigan campus and requested them to be involved in a taste test.

Such students tried out different kinds of Hershey’s Kisses from caramel to almond to dark chocolate. Following the taste test, these students were required to rate their most favorite.

“So we had a big bag of candy that was covered from the outside and you couldn’t see what was in it or how many [chocolates were there],” he said.

Some of the students did not have any clue that the fifth chocolate was going to be their last one. In such case, the participants claimed that the last piece of chocolate they were able to taste was their favorite about 22% of the time.

On the other hand, another group of student was clued in that the fifth piece was going to be their “last.” And O’Brien suggests that such awareness about how the entire experience was ending somehow forced them to savor the chocolate even better.

He said: “The majority of people [64 percent] chose it as their favorite even though we’d randomly distributed the flavors,” .

Many studies have shown that the last things are actually more powerful. Why, you may ask. They usually are the freshest in our thoughts, that’s why. And O’Brien believes that the last-is-best thinking might be applied to romance and relationships.

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Things Everyone Should Know About Dark Chocolate

Contrary to our common thinking, consumption of chocolates can possibly improve cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and the risk for diabetes. It may sound contradictory but it is true according to Harvard researchers. This study involved a review of 24 studies and 1,106 participants. And the said health benefits are due to the chocolate’s content called flavonoids which are of highest levels in the dark variants.

Dark chocolate is now established to be good for your health, since it has ingredients that can lower your blood pressure, considering you don’t abuse it.

Chocolate has a legion of diehard fanatics because of its flavor, but only a few dig the dark version. As much as I hate to admit it, dark chocolate is still a close second to chocolate varieties like milk chocolate or even the widely loved chocolate candy bars that have many other added ingredients like rice and peanuts to its mixture.

The bittersweet delight that comes with dark chocolate is yummier than it’s given credit for. The taste and the mouthfeel it gives is so intense. People who love it just can’t get enough of it. Some people can’t stand the strong taste, though. But who am I to judge them? Different folks different strokes, right?

Whichever type of chocolate you prefer, the most important thing to take into consideration is the quality of the ingredients. You can always stick with the most popular brands and well known quality brands, but you can also try out hole in the wall versions. You never know when you can find a treasure.

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Brief Exercise Can Curb Chocolate Cravings

A recent study indicated that a 15-minute walk can decrease your consumption of chocolate by half during working hours.

The research was done by the University of Exeter. It turned out that employees eat only half as much chocolate as they typically would after a brief exercise, even when under pressure.

The research made use of a simulated work environment and 78 regular chocolate-eaters, who did not have any chocolate in the past two days, took part.

Two groups were required to walk on a treadmill for 15 minutes and were then given work to complete at their designated desks. One group’s tasks were much easier and less stressful as compared to the other group.

The other two groups were asked to rest before finishing the same tasks as the first batch. Just like the preceding two groups, one group’s tasks were less challenging and less demanding. Chocolate was put in a bowl the whole time they were working so they can reach for it easily.

Those who had a brief walk on the treadmill consumed about 15g, those who had a rest had about 28g. 15g is equivalent to a ‘treat size’ or ‘fun size’ chocolate bar.

The challenge or difficulty of the task they had to do didn’t affect their consumption of chocolate. Therefore, stress had nothing to do with their sweet-tooth cravings.

Professor Adrian Taylor of the University of Exeter, lead researcher, said: “We know that snacking on high calorie foods, like chocolate, at work can become a mindless habit and can lead to weight gain over time,”.

“We often feel that these snacks give us an energy boost, or help us deal with the stress of our jobs, including boredom. People often find it difficult to cut down on their daily treats but this study shows that by taking a short walk, they are able to regulate their intake by half.”, he added.

True enough, exercise has incredible impacts on mood and energy levels that it is even deemed to have the potential in managing addictions.

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Eat Chocolate Cake Sans Feeling Guilty Afterwards

Studies have indicated that those who eat sweet treats with an attitude of celebration are more likely to stay fit compared with those who are often plagued with guilt after eating.  People who experience guilt are more likely to gain some unwanted pounds.

This research was published in the current online edition of the journal Appetite, and it shows that how we see treats, such as chocolate cake, is just as important as its caloric value when it comes down to expanding waistlines.

Feelings of guilt, for some reason, compel us to abandon our diet or fitness programs and drown ourselves in a regimen of unhealthy eating. On the flip side, if you deem chocolate a reward and something that you must celebrate, you are more likely to stick to your guns and adhere to your long-term weight loss goals.

Chocolate is considered as one of the hottest commodities in the world. People praise it for its taste, scent and texture, albeit they know that the finished products are packed with fat and sugar. Snacking on chocolate treats more than what is appropriate has been shown to be a major risk factor for obesity.

The latest research, by experts at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, displays that the effect on human behavior is vital, as well. This research, led by Dr Roeline Kuijer and Jessica Boyce, was an attempt to know whether guilt from devouring chocolate cake acted as an enticement to promote weight control, or undermined dieters’ willpower to succeed.

Me, I’m the type who just need to have her dessert. You all know that when I say “dessert”, I really mean chocolate. Not a day goes by without chocolate getting cozy with my palate. But that’s me. I don’t know about you. It actually doesn’t mess with my weight, mind you. I’m keeping it moderate, mate.


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Chocolate Chip Cookie History


One of the most loved forms of chocolate is chocolate chip cookie. It never fails to uplift our spirits and give us a sense of comfort.

What most people are not aware of is that, just like many other inventions, these goodies were just made by accident and Ruth Graves Wakefield was responsible for such in the year 1933. Wakefield was the owner of the Toll House Inn, located in Whitman, Massachusetts. It was a well-known eatery that time. Wakefield’s strategy paved way for its popularity, she provided her customers a supplementary serving of food to bring home along with her homemade cookies as dessert.

One day, Wakefield was Butter Drop Do cookies which were allegedly her favorite. She usually made them with bakers’ chocolate, but she ran short of it. So she opted for Nestle semi sweet chocolate that was available in her kitchen. She mixed it into the mixture thinking it would melt and blend well. And to her dismay, they didn’t blend. Instead, the chocolate chips held their shape and softened to a creamy texture, and the rest is chocolate chip history.

Wakefield and Nestle settled with a conformity that would allow Nestle to print the “Toll House Cookie” recipe on its packaging. And what does Wakefield get in exchange? A lifetime supply of chocolates!

During World War II, Nestle Toll House Cookies were being sent to GI’s from Massachusetts and they would be handed out to other American soldiers. Afterwards, some soldiers wrote home asking for Nestle Toll House cookies, which made them in-high-demand.

Nonetheless, the history of chocolate chip cookies varies from one story to another. One of the other stories claims that George Boucher, together with his daughter Carol Cavanagh, worked at the Toll House inn. And they said that some Nestle chocolate bars by the shelf were accidentally dislodged and fell straight into a mixer that had cookie dough, forming little chunks of chocolate in the mix. Boucher claims Wakefield suggested to trash the dough mixture, but he insisted on keeping and baking it.

Despite the controversies in its history, it doesn’t change the fact that we all love chocolate chip cookies. Always have, always will!

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