Cheesecake and Chocolate

Most of us would easily succumb to the alluring cheesecake any day. It’s just too yummy to say no to.

These rich cakes make for a perfect desert any day. The basic ingredients are eggs and cream cheese, which makes it different from other types of cakes that have flour as the main ingredient. It leans towards custards more. The cheesecake boasts of the flavor that bursts into the mouth as it melts. So heavenly. The golden rule to make a superb cheesecake is to allow the flavor set by keeping it in the fridge overnight.

The various types of cheesecake came from the countries they originated from. Such countries makes use of their own special cheese to come up with a unique taste. Flavorings such as chocolate or vanilla are new flavors added to the cheesecakes. Some may even toss in liquor to the cake batter just to give it a kick. Garnished with strawberries or blueberries, you can never go wrong. The main feature of it is the crust, which is composed of biscuits. The go-to choice would be Graham crackers. You crush them and put them at the base of the pan. Some cheesecakes must be baked, but depending on the kind of taste you wish to have, some just have to be refrigerated.

Due to our love of chocolate; it made its way into this yummy treat making it even more scrumptious. The mix of these two awesome foods is too stunning and the pleasure of eating it amplifies. Chocolate cheesecake is just alluring and with a single bite, you’ll be hooked for life.

A tempting cheesecake could totally bring a satisfied smile to one’s worried and stressful day. Eat it with your morning coffee or dessert, cheesecake is the best example of a simple but head-tilting good comfort food.

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